pdf initial view in web browser not working

I have set the Properties for a PDF doc in Adobe Acrobat but when i display that PDF in a web browser it doesn't recognize those initial view settings.  My browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) all have PDF add-ons installed.What am I missing?
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Which version of Acrobat/Reader are yo using? I assume that this is on Windows?
BigSky260Author Commented:
WinXPSP3, Acrobat Pro 9.x

Initial view works on my local machine but when I post a web page referring to a pdf, the pdf won't open with the initial view settings.  Same for Preview mode in Dreamweaver CS4.

Current IE7 add-on include Adobe PDF, Adobe PDF Conversion Toolbar, Adobe PDF Link Helper.  Maybe I'm missing an add-on to open these correctly?  Or is there something on my webserver (3rd party/Network Solutions) that they do not have installed?

Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I just run a bunch of tests with Safari (on the Mac), Firefox and IE (on Windows), and I get the correct initial view every time. What is your initial view set to?

I can understand the problems of preview mode in Dreamweaver - this application is probably only looking at the page content, and not what else could potentially be displayed. What web server are you using?
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BigSky260Author Commented:
The web server is running Apache on UNIX.  The standard package from Network Solutions. :-(
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I was actually trying it with Apache on a Mac (Unix as well). So we can assume that Apache is not messing with the file. What are you setting the initial view to? Would you be able to share a link with me so that I can poke around the file? If you don't feel comfortable sharing a link with the world, you can email it to me. My email address can be found on my profile page.
BigSky260Author Commented:
I typically am asking in Initial View for Show Bookmark Panel and Page/Single Page/Fit to Page/Center window on screen/resize window on screen/s.  If no bookmarks were made in original then I just ask for Page Only.

Here are two test links where the Initial View doesn't happen or not completely:
http://www.ebizservices.us/test/gln3/Docs/Plant_Catalog_2009.pdf  (this one calls for Bookmarks)
http://www.ebizservices.us/test/gln3/Docs/Apples.pdf (no bookmarks but everything else)

Not sure if it is a web server browser limitation or I am not specifying things correctly on my end.

I appreciate your looking i nto this.

Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I was able to duplicate the problems on my server. I also was able to make the first file work correctly by taking out the "center window on screen" and saving it via "Save As" in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. The second file seems to have just the standard initial view settings, and that seems to work. I also was able to set the "Page and pages pane" option and that worked too.

With the limited samples I have access to, it's not clear why things are not working right on your end. I noticed that the first file was created in InDesign CS3, whereas the second one is from CS4.

You may have to open the PDF files in Adobe Acrobat and change some settings in order to make it work correctly. I was doing this on my Mac, with web sharing enabled. I just saved the file to /Library/WebServers/Documents and accessed it via http://localhost/theFile.pdf - then I made changes in Acrobat and saved it back to that location, refreshed my browser window and was able to see the changes right away.

Unfortunately I don't have an explanation to why this happens. I did look at the PDF code in the file, and so far things did look correct. THere are either some settings (e.g. center window) that conflict with how a web browser is setting things up, or InDesign does something that is not quite right.

But, you should be able (with some additional work on your end) to create a file that does work (with most of the settings).

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BigSky260Author Commented:
Thanks,  I will try all those suggestions.  I will use Acrobat Pro to set the initial view settings and hope for the best.

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