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Juniper ScreenOS vs Cisco IOS CLI

Dear colleagues,
I am new to Juniper and have recently acquired a Juniper SSG-20-SB router for testing purpose.  I am used to working with Cisco IOS and have configured several CPE services from DSL to Ethernet.

I am trying to find a quick turnaround time to convert (manually) from Cisco IOS to Juniper, .i.e. use my Cisco IOS configuration to write the Juniper ScreenOS one for my small SSG-20 device.  
I have come across some reference materials on Juniper, e.g. http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/screenos/screenos5.3.0/CLI_5.3.0rB.pdf which is very comprehensive.

The question I have, is, has any of you ever come across a comparison guide for Juniper OS and Cisco IOS, which I can use for my project? I am intending to cover the following areas in my configuration:

"      service
"      boot
"      aaa authentication and accounting
"      tacacs
"      logging buffered and logging console
"      access-list and ip access-list
"      interface definition including loopback
"      snmp-server
"      banner motd and banner exec
"      ntp server and ntp source
"      line console, vty, aux
"      ip inspec
"      router rip (v2)
"      QoS class-map, policy-map and service-policy
"      crypto

Basically, I need all the usual suspects taken care of. I am aware of the Web UI but I do not want to go down that route yet because I want to familiarise myself with the CLI.

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