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Network video receiver to show streamed video on multiple TVs?

I have a PC containing video files that I want to be able to play on various TVs.  All of the TVs are connected to coax that is run to the location where the PC is.  I want to be able to play different things on each TV, so the TV output on the video card won't work.  Ideally, I'd like to find some sort of box that would accept MPEG streams from the network and output them over the coax to the TVs.  I assume I could stream from the PC to this box using something like VLC.  I found a few boxes that will do this, but I'd like to find one that will accept multiple input streams and has multiple coax outputs.  Composite output would also work since I could use an RF modulator, but coax is highly desirable both for the cost savings and less complexity.  Ideally, it would be rack mountable as well.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

The only way I can think of doing this is with multiple TV cards/video cards.

I was trying to think of a useful way to transport separate video streams but most of the ways available require a computer-like device before the "tv".

I think most ways available to do this aren't going to be cheap, or easy.

Well, yes.  Essentially what I want is a Slingcatcher that I can broadcast to without a Slingbox - the broadcast would come directly from software on the PC.  And ideally the box "catching" the stream will have the capability to catch and output multiple streams simultaneously (I would need to be able to support 5 simultaneous streams).

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