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Windows 2003 Server - Exchange - Stuck on Applying Settings with Cat5 plugged in

HP Proliant DL380
Windows 2003 Server sp2
Exchange 2003

System was rebooted last night and hung on "Applying Computer Settings" and won't go past.  Booted into safe mode w/Networking to verify no issues.  Had F-Secure AV installed, removed it.   Rejoined the domain.

If I remove the cat5 cable when it boots it goes instantly to the logon screen.  If I leave the cable in then it hangs.  I have update the NIC drivers.. I have switched the cat5 patch cable.  I have tried a new switch port.  I did a netsh winock repair .. I do not have APC powerchute installed.

I can not figure out why it wont go further when the cat5 is plugged in..

Any help is appreciated.
Windows Server 2003Exchange

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