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PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout

I am trying to get Windows Deployment Services setup and running and can't the PC to PXE boot.  When I boot it up, it gets a DHCP address, but then I get the 'PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout' message and then don't get any further.
Details about the issue:
  I noticed that the Proxy IP address is pointing to a local server, but not the PXE server.  Not sure where it is getting this address.
  I did put the PXE server in option 066 in DHCP.
  I did use PortQuery and the PXE server has tftp listening on UDP port 69.
  Firewall is not running on PXE server.

Any ideas on what I should do next to fix this issue?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Have you configured DHCP option 067? It is also required for PXE boot, so the host knows which PXE image to load.

If you're still having issues, are your clients on a separate VLAN from your PXE server?

No I have not set option 067.  The WDS installation does not mention anything about setting this option, and I didn't think I needed to since you can have multiple boot images on the WDS server.

No, right now the clients and the PXE server are on the same VLAN.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the WDS implementation of PXE boot, I only have experience using FOG and it requires option 067 to be set. You may need to get one of the other experts to help you with this.
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Does anyone know exactly what the PXE-E32 error means?  All I found was this:

The "PXE-E32" error indicates that the PXE did not get a reply from the TFTP server when sending a request to download its boot file. Possible causes for this problem are:

1. There is no TFTP server
2. The TFTP server is not running
3. TFTP and DHCP/BOOTP services are running on different machines, but the next-server (066) option was not specified

I have checked all 3 items and should all be working properly.  
Any idea why I am getting an erroneous Proxy IP?  That is the only thing I can think would be causing the problem.

How many DHCP servers do you have?

1 Microsoft DHCP server.  
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What device/computer owns the IP address that you are see?

Windows server, I think it had WDS installed on it previously

If you have a managed switch I would suggest that you mirror the port the client is on and do a packet capture to see what is going on.  This will verify that your DHCP server is sending the correct information.
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Suddenly this morning my PXE clients are getting a proxy address of and that's for sure not on my subnet. i've done a packet capture and can't see for the life of me where it's getting this number from, but i can see where the PXE client is trying to connect tftp to it and obviously failing.
tried plugging in a laptop with an ip presumably on the same subnet as the 172 address to see if i could ping it and locate it via the mac address and no dice.

i'm pulling my hair out here