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Who likes Server 2008? Who uses Core?

Ok I have tons of gripes about this horrible new product from M$j. I call it Vista ME Server.

Below is 10 things I thought of off the top of my head that I don't like.

My question is how you folks like and how effective is the CORE installation of Server 2008 for Domain Controllers? Does it replicate much faster, require much less patches and easy enough to use?

I would appreciate it if the responders were current users of 2008 Core running on Domain Controllers for I could deploy it within my environment if its that much better then the full install.

Thanks guys/girls

suckass server 2008 anoyances
1)      WBAdmin (aka ntbackup replacement) SUCK!
a.      Cant Cant Cant
b.      Cant backup systemstate to network drive
c.      Cant backup using a mapped drive
d.      Cant backup to a critical volume
e.      Cant backup to a drive where your backing up from.
f.      Cant schedule systemstate backups (must use bat file and schtasks)
2)      Cant RunAs another user, only administrator via GUI (by design) but cmd prompt displays RUNAS ERROR: Unable to run  cmd 1385: Logon Failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer ? Dont know if its policy.
3)      Cannot drag and drop into cmd line, must right shift and right click object and select copy as path then past into cmd window. Frickin gay.
4)      Every function you perform requires at least one mouse click extra over 2003
5)      Confirming and typing in your password for simple tasks like deleting files, renaming files, moving files, running executables even though your logged in as Domain Admin(local admin), you still get confirmations and or password prompts(depending on settings)
6)      Some files need permissions or to take ownership in order to modify, remotely accessing these may become a little more complex like accessing Documents and Settings) needed to take ownership (lowers security)
7)      When scrolling a cmd window or some other boxes up to far (screen resolution may not allow you to see the full screen) causes the window to default to the lowest part of the screen barely above the task bar.
8)      Moved DNS logs and Deleted MyLogger Task but process still kept those programs open as you can see in TaskManager.  Cant remove them until task deleted.
9)      Some command line informational messages are misleading. One command says use /?  as instructed in the command prompt but then displays incorrect syntax but still gives me the help info. I forgot which command it was.
10)      Server 2008 invented a new command line error (Catastrophic Error) Only 2008 would require such a horrible error name.
11)      Desktop Search is horrible just try and use it
Windows Server 2008

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Praveen DM

Very nice... Though I am workin on MS technologies there are very basic things that we techs can easily spot that MS engineers  don't... Not sure if their brains are on hill top..not able to understand some basics and what techs or people expect from a new product that misses out some basics... I haven't had complete hand on win 2008...just started initially but when I initially loged in to the server in MS online demo...Just sucked with graphics..why does a server need a graphics..I just hate even the Win XP style and now Vista Visio etec.... just childish... And to give a hide dos based operation was introduced that inturn seems to let down at times...but frnd.. Its MS and we have to wait and seee were these techs are gonna end up...
Praveen DM

Desktop Search is horrible  -- Does this need a mention...This is something that has been worst throughout MS versions...just sucks...

Good point that brings makes me add more to the list
12) Server doesent need music and movies directories
13) Graphics for icons suck, are ugly and non helpfull in determining the use of the object.
14) Security features only prevent system admins from doing there job but hackers don't mind them.

I may test the core version but havent heard good things about it.
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William Peck

I've had WS08 Server Core DCs in production for quite some time now. It works great. I don't see anything on your list as a blocking issue for rolling ou AD on WS08 Server Core. I also think some of the issues on your list are not actual issues and are just config problems...

Brian Desmond
Active Directoy MVP

Ok so on the core..

We have a hub and spoke setup with two DCs in every site.

Would it make sense to have the full installs at the hub and all reote sites or spoke sites have the RODC? What would the latency be like say for a password change or something non instant like creating an object and waiting for replication from the hub?


So you should run server core on every DC if you're going to do it at all.

RODCs typically go in the remote/spoke sites and RWDCs (writeable) go in the hub site(s). They can all run server core though.

As far as latency this depends on how you configure it. Server core has nothing to do with how fast your replication convergence is. Assuming you don't enable change notification on the site links, the minimum replication interval is 15 minutes over a site link.

Brian Desmond
Active Directory MVP
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SO your sayingI can have a core install that is writable? I didn't see that in the M$ docs. Interesting. I will pass that on if you can confirm that statement. I should read up on this a little more as well.

Ok read the deployment guide nowhere does it say you can have a core install with RWDC. Can you confirm this?

Also, technically RODC would have latency due to changes taking place over the wire to a writable DC instead of writing it locally.

Yes you can definetely have server core installs that are RWDCs. RODC/RWDC and Server Core versus full install are two /totally/ seperate topics.

If you want to think of the change latency that way then yes you're correct. Certain changes are replicated back out of band via a ReplicateSingleObject call shortly thereafter though. I talk about this quite a bit in my book Active Directory, 4th Ed.

Brian Desmond
Active Directory MVP
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James Murphy

Ah ok one more question, is it safer, possible or a good idea to put RODC on the perimeter network?

I googled this up and could not find anything really detailing this setup or if there is any drawbacks exc. Just a small peiece of information in the deployment guide.


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