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document root on a backend server. like JBOSS

i have 2 server
2.jboss 4.0.2

access flow
apache <---> jkmodule <----> jbosss

so like other i have jkmodule
virtual hosting is on apache server

VirtualHost *:80>
ServerAdmin admin@aaa.com
DocumentRoot /usr/website_root/
DirectoryIndex index.jsp
ServerName aaa.xxx.com
RedirectPermanent /index.html http://aaa.xxx.com/xxx/faces/jsp/index.jsp

i also i have redirection to the backend server from the index server which works fine.

but when i do this the browser shows me the url

http://aaa.xxx.com/xxx/faces/jsp/index.jsp   on just hitting http://aaa.xxx.com

here /xxx/faces/jsp/index.jsp are on backend server (that is JBOSS)

can i in the apache virtual host change.. the documentroot and documentindex point to the backend sever like this

documentroot "/xxx/faces/jsp"
documentindex index.jsp

doing this the home page would not get redirect to a long url but like

but would be http://aaa.xxx.com/

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Apache Web Server

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