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how to stop synchronisation and local offline files

I have users logon to citrix servers and their documents/desktop using GPO are being redirected to another location, that's fine. However when users who logon to xp pro who are part of the DOMAIN...they see these documents/desktop on their local machine but I don't want that.
I tried using local computer on the xp pro to disable all synch and pretty much everything but doesn't work. How do I stop this from happening?
Thank you.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

I had to do something similar at a previous job but that was a little while ago and I don't have a server I can check this on, so my suggestion might be a little off.

I think what you will want to do is make the GPO only apply to the users when they login to the Citrix servers. you can do this by applying GPO loopback processing. Normally when a GPO processes the User portion of the GPO, it does it based on the username with no regard for the computer the user is logged into. With loopback processing, the user portion of the GPO is applied when the user is logged into a computer that the GPO is applied to.

I know I had to play around with this a little bit, but I know I had it working so that when users were logged into the Citrix server, their desktop was redirected, but when they logged on locally, it wasn't. I found it was easier to create very specific GPOs so that I could restrict which ones applied to specific users and/or computers rather then trying to get all the settings into a single GPO.

Hope this helps. If you need more specific help, let me know and I'll try this out in my virtual environment and get you step-by-step directions.

Hi thank you.
Just to re-iterate this is what I'm going to do:

I'll create a new ou called citrixgpos, Ill put in al my citrix servers in there. in this OU ill enable gpo loopback processing under 'uder configuration'.

So with this, if a user logs on to a citrix server which is obviously within the domain, his/her desktop & my docs are being redirected to the 'user file server' i set up.
But when this user logins to his own machine-xp pro within the domain, his/her desktop/my docs won't be redirected.

Is this right? Just wanted to understand before I proceed :)
Thank you so much as I could not find any solutions to my problem.

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