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Want to play videos on my TV from laptop s-video port

I have done this before, but it stopped working.  The first time I hooked it up, I would play an AVI in media player on my laptop's screen (not full screen mode, just a small window) and media player would send a signal to the S-Video port also, so the AVI was actually playing in two places - the small window on the laptop, and full screen on the TV.  Life was great.

Then I made the mistake of closing the laptop cover while the video was playing.  It stopped working.

The laptop is a Dell Dimension D600 laptop.  I can extend the desktop over to the analog TV the same as one would with two digital monitors and move Media Player over there in full screen mode but the quality is terrible.  I want to get it working the same as before, with Media Player sending the "extra signal" out the S-video port.


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8/22/2022 - Mon

I should add another comment to this...

I tried upgrading from Media Player 10 to 11, and it worked for a couple videos, then stopped working again.

So I am not sure if we simply need to convince Media Player to send the signal to s-video, or if it is the underlying hardware not "enabling" the port or something, so Media Player doesn't know its there or something.

If only I hadn't seen it working correctly, I would probably have thought the low-res solution was great.  :-)  But when it is working correctly, it is crystal clear.

I tried looking in my ATI video's Display Properties for something to adjust but there are very few options.

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The trick with connections is to make sure both the TV and laptop are switched off while you wire them together.
In the ATI Control Center make the following changes (From the User Manual)

Thanks for the reply.

I downloaded the manual also and saw that page.  Unfortunately it doesn't match what I see when I go into Display properties.  Check out the attached screen shot.  After I click the Advanced button, there is no Displays tab and therefore no TVs button.

I tried connecting everything, then powering up the laptop first, then the TV, then I tried TV first, then laptop.  Then I tried connecting them after both were powered up.  No go!

Maybe there is a media player out there somewhere with an option that says, "Send signal to s-video port!".  :-)

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Updating the driver worked.  I had been using the driver that came loaded on the computer.

AWESOME.  You  are The Man!  From now on every time I hear someone say "You da man", I will inform them that MASQUERAID is, in fact, The Man.

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LOL! Thanks :)