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Dell Poweredge Remote Access BMC

I have a dell Poweredge 1800. From Openmanage I can access the remote access part of the BMC. A MAC address is displayed and I have set an IP address.

The server is in a remote location so I can not check to see if a LOM port is present, but with a MAD address showing in open manage I presume there must be something present.

I was looking at getting a KVM over IP device for bios level remote access to the server. Could I use the built in remote access facility to do the job instead, or is it a very limited function of the BMC? What can be done with the remote access function on the BMC? Is a seperate Remote Access card required to give full functionality?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Correct, without the DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller) you really have no remote funcionality outside the OS.  If you have a KVM, that will be your best bet.

Here is the DRAC card that will work with your system if interested.  I love these cards as they make remote management and installs a breeze.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

DRAC 4/p

What level of control does it give you? Is it like a VNC connection? If I don't have a the DRAC installed, what is the NIC MAC address listed under remote access in open manage?
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Yes, the DRAC gives you total control of the system completely independant of the OS.  You assign an IP to the BMC and this interfaces with the DRAC.  You can hit the IP via web browser and then control the server at BIOS level, watch the post, install OS.  The DRAC gives you the ability to mount ISO so you can even do remote installs.  I like them because if someone tells me the system is not responding, I can log into the DRAC, find out what is going on and reboot the system if need be.  

Sounds good. I need to check first to see if a DRAC is installed. I can't remember speccing one but like I said, it shows in openmanage and gives a MAC address of the card.

If not i'll be getting one.

It's like you HTTP to the IP address using Internet Explorer, log in, choose "Remote Console",  connect,
install an ActiveX control, and you have a remote monitor.

DRAC also provides remote-media (i.e. If you have an ISO file on your remote workstation, you can potentially use the Virtual media function to remotely load a boot CD to install or troubleshoot an OS install)

And you can remotely power off/on and reset the server.

On some servers, DRAC also provides additional capabilities, such as the ability to remotely view logs, and e-mail alerts.

Without DRAC, the capabilities are fairly limited;  IPMI alerts,  and possibly Serial over LAN  (Allowing you to remotely access the serial port on the server, which some OSes can be configured to use for emergency management),  although i'm not sure that's available on your particular server model.

*But for example, if you needed to remotely install BSD, with just IPMI,  you could have the server setup for PXE boot,   if you have a remote-managed power strip allowing  you to remotely power-cycle the server.

Net-boot to an OS image that will accept input over the serial port, and allow you to complete your diagnostic or troubleshooting steps.

Don't get me wrong -- IPMI isn't 100% useless, there are some cases where it can be used, and the strength of IPMI are its remote _reporting_ functions (it has very _few_ remote control functions), but IPMI by itself is definitely nowhere as useful as DRAC.
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