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Windows Server 2003 LDAPS communication issues

Hello all,

Here is my current dilemma, we have an outside vendor that we use for a specific service for the students here.  Since we would like to move to a single sign on, we want them to authenicate to our Active Directory server.  They require using LDAPs.
Received instructions from them as to how to setup LDAPS and it did not work, so  I setup our domain controller as a certificate authority and followed the instructions from this webpage:

After I did this, 389 and 636 worked internally; however, as soon as I was external to the firewall 389 worked but 636 did not.  I checked the firewall and verified that it was indeed passing that traffic.  The latest we heard from the vendor to fix the issue is that we need to purchase an 3rd party certificate, so we purchased one from verisign.  I installed the cert no problem, but now I can not seem to connect on 389, 636, or 443.  Checking the firewall all of the packets are passing, so the domain controller is definately dropping them for some reason.  
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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