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SBS: Firewall error using internet config wizard

I have a SBServer set up behind a WRT54G Router.
The sbserver handles the DHCP.
Workstations use wireless to connect to network.

Problem now is that my mobile devices such as laptops and iphone's cant contact the exchange server. (As a note, locally the exchange works)
So I figured its a firewall issue, the ports to the exchange server isnt opened.
I've ran the 'Connect to the Internet' wizard (a few times) to try solve the problem, but no matter the options I choose, I will get an error at Firewall Configuration
  "An error occured while configuring a componet" (continute/abort etc)

If I check the Firewall settings for my network adapter on the SBServer (cable to the router) I get error:
  "Windows Firewall cannot run because another program or service is running that might use the network address translation component (Ipnet.sys)."

Granted, the exchange ports isnt forwarded to the SBServer. Actually, no ports are open, and thus it raises another odd problem; even though port 80 isnt forwared to the SBServer, I can access the webserver from the internet (albeit Im restricted access even though I select to allow in the wizard), but anyhow, I can communicate with the server, when I shouldnt?

I'm thoroughly perplexed. :P
(Hope I could formulate my problem clearly enough)

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8/22/2022 - Mon

In the WRT54G - have you configured the DMZ option to allow traffic to the IP address of your SBS? That may be what is allowing the traffic to the server although you have not opened port 80. Also, I beleive that by default, communication to OWA would be over port 443 (HTTP SSL) - is that port open?

Can you post any errors you see in the icwlog.txt file?
You can find it here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Support

When you say that you want laptops and iphones to connect - are they connecting via the internal wireless (WiFi) or are they connecting from outside of the network?


The DMZ is disabled on the router. (enabled and then disabled just to test, same result)
The port 443 is not enabled either.

The laptops (all vista grrrr), when they are here at the office, they all connect via the local network, but at home etc I'd like them to be able to connect also.
The IPhones all connect via the internet regardless, I presume. (They are configured using the inet address for our bussiness)

Regarding the icwlog.txt - I assume thats some sort of log from boot proccess?
Anyhow, I can find one error in there and its this:
  Calling RegisterMSBOExchangeBP (0).
  Error 0x1 returned from call to RegisterMSBOExchangeBP().

Btw, know of any good ways to check/test my "supposed firewall"?

Thanks for replay.

Ok, ran the "Connect to the Internet" wizard and clicked no to let my wizard configure my WRT54G router.
During that wizard I'm getting prompted with an dialog:
 "Only one network adapter is configured for use. As a result the firewall provided with small Bussiness Server cannot be configured. [....] You should ensure that you are using an external firewall device or install a second network adapter"

Isnt (code) a valid setup?
The router got DHCP disabled, SBServer handles that stuff, but router's built in firewall should still function?

INET -- WRT54G (WIFI) -- SBServer

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Hello Squeese,

look, everything on an SBS needs to be configured by using the wizards.
One NIC is fine, and a router inf front of it.
For the CEICW settitngs, check:
you need to forward port 25 (smtp) and 443 + 4125 (rww+owa) and perhaps 1723 for VPN:

For network overview:

so, NO DMZ off course.



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so how did you solve this issue, apart from disabling the RRAS via the wizard?
"I will get an error at Firewall Configuration "An error occured while configuring a componet" (continute/abort etc)"
of you are getting an error in the CEICW, you should check hte logs:
Internet Connection Wizard (CEICW) logs:      %SBSPROGRAMDIR%\Support\icwlog.txt
can you run that wizard now without any errors?
is the remote access fine now?