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Hello Experts,

I recently acquired an 'old' desktop PC. I'm currently working on my laptop all the time. I want start using the Desktop for usage of Recording Software only !
I'm recording with Cubase SX3 and use the Motu 8pre as an audio interface (firewire). I also have a lot of plug-ins running when working in cubase (Native Instruments Guitar Rig, Arturia Moog V2, to name but a few...)

I will use windows XP as OS.

Currently it has 512MB of DDR RAM plugged in, this obviously is the first thing I want to upgrade (=> 2gig minimum) What would be the Best choice of ram and what would be the best way to plug them into the 3 slots?

Secondly I would like to add a big HD as a working station. (I've had it with usb HD).

Main Q is : Is this machine worth the upgrade ?

MOBO is an epox EP-8K9A7I (rev 1.1) with AMD Athlon processor

FIREWIRE there is a firewire card plugged in,  but I can't seem to figure out what brand (this is important because MOTU advises Texas Instruments ...)

These are the numbers on the Card :
RB M103A 94V-0 3702

link to someone selling it :

GRAPHICS : ATI RADEON 7000 processor

Good Advice is certainly appreciated !

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