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Black/blank screen Acer Travelmate 8200 boot-up

My Acer Travelmate 8200 suddenly won't display Windows. I'm running Windows XP SP3. Upon boot up, it shows the BIOS boot screen. The screen then goes blank as though it's going to continue booting to Windows, but the screen stays black/blank. It doesn't beep or play any Windows start-up sounds. Rebooting I can F2 and enter the BIOS, and manipulate all settings. I can boot from the XP install CD. I've tried to run the install from the XP CD. It goes thru the initial stages of accepting the license, specifying a partition to install on, etc. Once the install reboots to continue the set up, the screen stays black/blank. The HD light flashes as though it's active, but nothing shows on the screen.

I've booted from the Acronis TruImage CD I had created previously. I was able to back up the partition onto an external USB drive. This program has an option to boot into Windows, but I get the same results.

I've tried removing the battery, holding the power button down for a while, booting up with no battery, same results.

When trying to boot to safe-mode, it's the same thing. The HD makes the normal expected sounds, but no display ever comes up. I've also tried booting to "Last Known Good Configuration" with the same results.

Since I can boot to BIOS and using the Acronis cd, I think the display is functional. If it's a corrupted video driver, how do I reinstall that? Could it still be a faulty display, but malfunction only with Windows?

On a possibly-related side note, it has been running very hot lately, and I was planning on replacing the internal fan. Maybe I waited too long?
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I think it may be the video "card". It's a laptop, so the video is integrated with the motherboard. I tried the VGA mode, and I get the exact same results. I think there may be more to it than just video, as it shuts off instantly when you press the power button. I don't have to hold it down for 5 seconds, it shuts off as soon as I press the power button.

I'm going to take it apart to see what I can see, but I'm not optimistic that a solution is to be had. At least nothing other than expensive repair.

This comment wasn't the solution to my problem, the only solution is to have the laptop repaired. But I will award the points to rindi because it's the only comment I received on this problem, and I did learn something new from it.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.