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Outlook 2007 Permissions issue

I just had to rebuild our Exchange 2003 (on Win2k3r2) server recently, and now a couple existing users are having issues.  I created a new temporary user, and it is affected as well.

When operating in cached mode both receive the error: "Cannot open your default email folders. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object.  See the folder contact or your system administrator."
In non-cached mode, all folders public & private are accessible, and there are no errors when sending/receiving mail or calendar items.

I've tried solutions listed in
but the problem persists.
I've also compared the SELF permissions on the advanced mailbox properties, and everything matches up.

All other users are using Outlook 2007 in cached mode.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

Any particular reason for using cached exchange mode?
Are these PCs laptops that are removed from the Office?

Otherwise, if these are stationary PCs or Laptops, leave Cached Exchange Mode Off as it can causes various issues.


Have you tried creating the mail profile...?
Where are you trying to create the local copy of the mailbox.. Make sure that it is somewhere that the user can write to.. Also check the anti virus is not interferring....

The two that are having issues are on laptops that travel.

I was more concerned with making sure everyone had access to their mail after the rebuild, so everyone got the default settings when I had to create new local profiles.
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Also, the users are local admins on their PCs (no thanks to a legacy app)

In that case see:


Recovering data from offline folders

I'm not sure how that applies...  I'm not trying to get information *out* of a local profile, but to start with a new file.  None of the original profiles could connect to the rebuilt server, even after plenty of tweaking.
Getting rid of the old and creating a new profile worked on all but these last 2 systems.

My sanity check was to create a new temp user with an email account, send it a single test message, then log in on a completely different system and create an Outlook profile.  It has the same problem.  It was also an attempt to filter for OS problems--the laptops are Vista Business SP1, the desktop test was on XP SP3.  The first laptop w/ Vista that I did this on worked just fine.

Additionally, if I connect to either of these mailboxes through "More Settings" in my account settings and leave cached mode enabled, the mailboxes open but generate synch errors.
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So there are no existing ost files already on the PCs that youre trying to get Outlook to sync with?
If this is the case, search both PCs for *.ost and delete them.
Then go back into outlook and enable cached exchange mode and recreate the osts for the profile.

If you are trying to get a users outlook profile to sync with a pre-existing ost, as its not working, you would then need to get the information out of the ost as described in the link above, copy into the users new profile.
Remove the OST and create a new one for Outlook to sync to.

Of course it could always just be that these osts are just corrupt.
Can try running ScanOST


When this problem first cropped up on an existing user, deleting the OST was my first step, but then why would the issue happen on a clean system with a new user and a new profile?

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