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Terminal Server user access rights

I'm not very bright and can't see what I'm doing wrong or if what I'm trying to do is meant to work.

I made a new user, assigned all the groups etc. Set a home dir and profile path
Logged onto the TS without problems
I changed the TS profile to a manditory profile
Tested the TS login again - no probs

I made more users and set them up the same as the first user
BUT i pointed their TS profile to the same folder as the first user.
The owner of that folder is Administrators
I granted the other users full access to the profile folder

When I log on as one of the other users I get errors:

1) You do not have sufficient access to your computer to connect to the selected printer
2) Windows Scripting Host - Loading your settings failed (Access is denied)

Is what I'm trying to do not meant to work or am I doing something wrong?
Microsoft Server OSSecurityWindows Server 2003

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Why are you setting all the users to the same profile path? Ideally they should have their own folder under the Users_Profiles share.

Charles Meyer

Because my manager told me to.
The students are locked down on the TS and only have access to Office 2007, Internet Explorer and a mapped drive and I think he was thinking since all users are essentially the same he might just point them all to the same profile.

I didn't make too much sense to me but since I'm at the bottom of the food chain I do what I'm told.

I was more leaning towards setting mandatory profiles for each user.

I would also like to know if a profile CAN be shared like I'm trying to do.

Thanks for the response

I am very familiar with how to create users, but i have never tried pointing users to a specific profile.

Are any other users setup like this on the server? What i mean is did your supervisor/upper management set anyone up like this before? If so are they working properly? If so copy that profile when creating a new user, just change the Name (which you are prompted to do so anyway).

I would suggest asking your superior(s) why they want it setup like this and offer them your input with reason to back up your insight.

It dosnt make sense to me that you would point their profile path to a already created users profile.

Hope these suggestions/comments help.

Good luck!
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William Peck
Charles Meyer

Would I be able to make individual profiles for each user buy copy the contents of the first users profile to the other users?

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