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How do I allow a user to download a single ZIP file containing multiple files in a folder using a CheckBoxField in a GridView?

Hi Experts,

Okay I am fairly new to the programming game, but I have successfully created a web application for a client a Windows Machine uses a very OLD Database called "Interbase 6" (I had no choice I had to use this Database but the queries are almost exactly the same a SQL) which allows a user to login to the back-end of the application. A Query filtered by the user's Accid is used to populate a gridview with certain information (Please view ScreenShot 1 Attached)
I have also added additional functionality to that page to allow a user to filter that information further.
In the "Hyperlink Field" called "View" on screenshot 1, I redirect a user to a 2nd page that allows a user to download the actual POD Report which is just an image file using the QueryString "waybillnumber" in the query to bring back all the records for a certain waybillnumber (Please view ScreenShot 2).
On ScreenShot 2 you will notice another "Hyperlink Field" called Download which allows a user to download the actual Image File (Scanned copy of a POD/Waybill Report)

This is where I get stuck... the query could bring back multiple records... I mean hundreds. Which takes users hours to click on each record to download a single image file one by one(POD/Waybill Report). They would like an option that would allow them to download all the files brought back in one single download i.e maybe a ZIP file.

Also the "Download" Hyperlink Field uses a Redirect Page that redirects a user to the actual image file through a Virtual Directory created in IIS, because the images are located on a seperate hard drive. (Please view the Code Snippet for the Redirect)

I hope this makes sense... I really need help on this one because I have searched the internet and cannot find anything to help me.

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