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Inventory data not populating sms 2003


 I've a single site with 2 domain controllers, a blackberry server, exchange and an sms server with 2 xp clients. I've installed sms 2003 uisng information found at:


 The machines on my network seem to be discovered as within sms administrator console they show under queries and collections, as well as having the systems management icon on control panel on the client itself. However the inventory part doesnt seem to be working. In the sms administrator console, site status reports 0 errors and warnings.

 For example, on the administrator console when I go to system status folder, status message queries folder and choose all status messages from a specific system the queries always return 0 records. On the sms server if I type http://sms-server/sms_reporting I get the full list of options for reports, dashboards, computer details with the sub options for assett management, hardware cd-rom, hardware-disk, hardware-general, etc

 When I run a report such as hardware-general and enter the pc value all I get back is the hostname, no information for operating system, memory, etc. Does anyone know how I can change this to include information such as manufacturer, pc model, etc?

 However if I try the same thing on another domain pc, I only get the top level menus for reports, dashboards and computer details - no sub menu options at all.

  Help is much appreciate - sms 2003 seems to be a tricky installation and setup.
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