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Crystal Reports -- a way to separate a group of sections...?

Tricky... I have a "big" report that consists of a few smaller parts... I would like to add a parameter based on I would simulate "duplex printing" - insert a blank page after the end of each part if it ends on odd page.... As if first report part end on page 3 then page 4 would have to be blank.

I have no problems doing that if page count is always the same... The problem is in page headers... I have to suppress the headers if the page is to be blank... but how do I know if the page is blank? As if the first (or second) report part creates more pages then anticipated...

Any ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Mike McCracken

I assume you have a grouping on the report and want to break on the groups?

If so you could use the conditional NEW PAGE AFTER on the GF1
PageNumber MOD 2 = 1


) I have a few groups and a few subReports on my report... Report produces minimum 7 pages and expands in 3 sections as data comes in (in main and in subs)... Full "loaded" report could be as big as 2-5 hundred pages... Logically (to me), report has 3 parts (as if "sales","profit",etc...  as example). Since the report is big and complex, there are quite a few PHs as PFs... There is a parameter called "test", if 0 - everything stays normal, if 1 a blank page/new page is created at the end of a report "part" if it falls on odd page number.

The problem is that to make that blank page really "blank", I have to suppress all PHs and PFs on that page...
Now, is there a way for me to discover is that page is actually "blank" so I can suppress PHs and PFs without using (If PageNumber = ...)?
Mike McCracken

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last section in each "part" of the report is set to "NEW PAGE AFTER", each following "part" starts with a small empty section conditionally setting another "NEW PAGE AFTER" to produce a "blank" page... How can I suppress PHs is I do not know what would be the page numbers of such "blank" pages?

makes sense?
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