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Advice on Migrating Windows Server 2000 Printers to Server 2003

I'll fill you in on the details.
We currently have an older server running Windows Server 2000.  
This machine is sharing out 6 printers to the clients in that branch.
This server has no purpose other than to act as a print server.
We now need to take this server and move it to another branch, so we would like to migrate these printers over to a slightly newer server running Windows Server 2003.
I am not sure the easiest, safest way to make this happen.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
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I would use the Windows printer migration tool.
It is very cool and works really nice 
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OK so here's what I did.  I downloaded the PRINTMIG.exe and copied it onto the desktop of both servers.
I then ran the app on the old server housing the printers and selected BACKUP.  I saved the .CAB file locally and it was successful.
I then took this .CAB and transferred it over to the newer server.
I ran the PRINTMIG app and selected RESTORE and pointed it to the .CAB file.
It did a bunch of stuff and then a message came up stating something about kernel drivers or something like that.  I had a choice to continue or cancel so I continued.
The "restore" finished and I now have all of these printers listed and shared out.
The problem though is that out of the 7 printers (I mentioned 6 earlier), 4 of them say OFFLINE.
They are not OFFLINE on the other server.

Why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.
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I agree with Bdesmond. I would upgrade the drivers (Especially the HP ones) to the newest version.
OK well for the ones that were showing as offline I removed them and their ports and reinstalled using updated PCL5 drivers.

For the ones that were showing as READY I will have to check with that branch to see if printing works properly.  If not then I will remove them and re-add them using new drivers.

Thanks for your help everyone.