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How To Detect Mobile Phone Monitoring Software?

Hi I was hoping you guys here might know about any new software that u can just simply put in anyone's cell number of a local network and in minutes be able to control there phone and monitor calls,texts and maybe switch off the phone and do whatever...I have a sister that has an x boyfriend who possibly monitors her cell phone activities.She has purchased a heap of different sim cards even change a couple of phones and she still sees a lot of weird activities and flagged and checked numbers and texts on her phone.The ting is once she gives him her new number it seems like he can take the number and put it somewhere or give it to someone and in like 5 minutes or so be able to control her phone..How she was able to determine it's him was as soon as she gave him her number then she saw like a nokia progress bar loading across her phone even though she had a sony erricson phone and after that instance she notices a lot of weird activities.I know there are a lot of mobile phone monitoring software available but u would need to manually install it on the users phone that u would like to monitor..But my sister has never given him any of her new phones she had bought all she did was give him the new cell number because they have kids and they need to keep in contact even though they aren't living together....Could you guys please tell me what might be happening?Thanks..
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