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How to add " ' " when transferring DataGrid data to Excel?

Hi, Experts,
I would like to add " ' " in the excel cell to avoid zero missing for number format, for example (000123). I want whole number to be displayed in the  excel cell, without " ' " in excel the number will become (123) only.
Previously, i add Section A code to add " ' "  to get whole number displayed, but now is i cannot add " ' " for code in Section B.
Can any one tell me how to add " ' " before dr("No") ?

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Section A:
Dim No As String = Trim(txtNo.Text)
excelWorksheet.Range("C4").Value = "'" & No 
Section B:
.Range("B" & i.ToString).Value = dr("No")
.Range("B" & i.ToString).HorizontalAlignment = Excel.Constants.xlLeft

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