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How do I make my custom screensaver stick in the computers Local Group Policies?

I am having trouble making my screensaver stay selected through Local Group Policies of the computer.

While logged in as admin, I open up the mmc console, add the Group Policy snap-in then go to "User Configuration" --> "Administrative Templates" --> "Control Panel" --> "Display". From here I configure both Screen Saver and Screen Saver Executable Name.

Here is the problem. I input the settings, I log out and log back into the account. The screensaver is not set. It instead shows that no screensaver is set. However, if i try this with any Windows Default Screensaver, it works like a charm.

I am using a custom screensaver which was compiled from a .swf file, using this program. "Screen Time" from www.screentime.com. Does Microsoft prohibit use of custom files/apps with their products? is that why I cant use my custom screensaver?
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