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Powerpoint 2007 has encountered a problem an needs to close. We apologise for inconvenience....

I am running windows XP (fully patched) , on a dell dimension 4mb RAM. I have
Kaspersky antivirus typical setup. I have microsoft enterprise 2007 and was
running PFC pro for PFC media

Every time I try and launch powerpoint I get an error:

Powerpoint needs to close, we apologise for the error. I have uninstalled PFC
pro, but I still get a message that active X controls are running. Even if i
disable the active x controls I still get a message that powerpoint needs to
close. I have tried uninstalling powerpoint and reinstalling it but the same
happens. Safe mode, detect and repair and microsoft diagnostics are of no benefit

I am not sure how to copy the file being sent to microsoft error reporting, but I am now
tearing my hair out.

Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks

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