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Running Norton Ghost 8 using a USB Hard Drive

I have a bunch of images from ghost that I use to rebuild PC's all the time for my company. I've used a flash drive to boot into dos and into ghost using a bare IDE drive without any issues at all. For the longest time I wanted to get that drive into an enclosure to protect is and to not wear out the ide port. The problem I'm having now is I cannot get the usb drive to be detected. I did some research and found that version 8 did not support usb hard drives so I was able to find just the dos version of 8.3 with the usb dos drivers. I still can't get the drive to be recognized. I just about tore my hair out yesterday trying different ways/configurations/altering the autoexec.bat to get it to work but with no success. I really don't want to continue to use a bare drive to extract the images. Does anyone here possibly know of a solution that could work for me?

Thanks very much in advance
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Using the IDE to IDE transfer method is over 6x more time efficient than an external enclosure via USB.

So, I would continue to use the ide method if possible, or dedicate a computer to this task.

as far as ISO Bootable images there are a number of toolkits available but the biggest determining factor for drive letter recognition is whether or not the drive identifies in the bios boot dos drive table.

Upon boot, all disk block devices get registered with the bios and if the bios doesn't support your thumb drive in dos mode, you can tear your hair out for days trying to make it work. (so don't do it)

You can get a linux ISO flash to flash to your thumb drive and try booting that, if that is successful, you can proceed to build a custom dos boot disk.

I usually use UBCD flash image to build my boot disks for ease of use.

I used these general descriptions to get the drive up and running myself.

That's why they pay me the big bucks,

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My thumb drive does boot into dos and into ghost. The problem is the external disk drive with all the images attached thats not getting recognized.
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I think the problem is in USB enclosure. Try to find another enclosure and connect the IDE drive via it. This could give you the answer what is wrong.
I had similar problems with USB enclosure, it worked in Windows ok but in Linux mode of Drive Backup 9.0 recovery CD there always were problems. Replacing enclosure fixed them all.
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