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NetGear Dual ssid managed AP wfs709tp

In June 2008 I setup a dual SSID (for internal and external clients) on a NetGear WFS709TP. The internal SSID has WPA2 security, while the external SSID has no encryption, but is using the Captive Portal feature (the user connects to external SSID then receptionist gives out user/pass to use the wireless).

I tested it out last summer and have had many external clients use the system without issues. This past week I had 4 different users/laptops connect to the SSID but that is it. They cannot ping the controller (WFS709TP) and the controller cannot ping the client's IP that it assigned. Of course each client cannot access the Captive Portal to enter credentials to use the internet.

I just tested with a laptop and have the same result. The internet SSID works fine, and I have not heard of any issues for that SSID. I did try rebooting the controller, and still have the issue.

I do not have a lot of troubleshooting the WFS709TP and am hoping someone has some ideas or even better a solution.
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