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Cannot activate Blackberry Accounts - Numerous application errors in event log

I installed windows updates on my BES and Exchange 2003 SP/2 server last night. Since then, BES has stopped working. There are numerous errors in the event log. Blackberry forums have been no help. Attached are the application errors (event.txt). Users are receiving SOME e-mail, and i cannot activate phones (i had wiped a phone, and tried to re-activate it, and nothing happens). I tried re-entering the MAPI information, and i still have the problem. I have restarted all services, and restarted the server. I looked for the updates in Add/Remove programs on both the Exchange and BES server, and NONE of the updates are listed - so removing the updates is not an option. The server talked about in the event log's APPSERVER is the BES server, not the Exchange server (MAIL). I need this working very soon. Thank you.


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