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Disappearing email..

I continue to see problems receiving email from some of our customers to anyone at our domain <main domain>.com.
In particular, we have not been able to receive from these two accounts that we know of:
"      donotreply@symbian.com
"      xxxxxx@fl-2.com

Emails from those addresses to scott@<secondary domain>.com have gone through OK.
Emails from those addresses to scott@<main domain>.com (or anyone else @<main domain>.com)
"      do not go through
"      do not generate error responses (even after several days)
"      do not bounce
"      do not show up in MX Logic spam quarantines
"      appear to be sent successfully according to the sender

Test emails sent from my Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo/Personal accounts to anyone @<main domain>.com are going through just fine.  The problem is not global  it is specific to some senders.

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Do you see those emails entering your enviornment when you do message tracking.

I'm talking about the emails that you mentioned "Emails from those addresses to scott@<main domain>.com (or anyone else @<main domain>.com)"

if they do not show up in message tracking then you never receieved them from MXLogic. Please have MXLogic look at their logs to find it out ..

I've just gotten done talking with MX Logic and doing some tracking on the server.

The emails aren't even hitting the MX Logic servers. They've checked to make sure that the originating IP's aren't blocked and they have no records from email from the originating domain on their entire system.

MX Logic even went so far as to telnet to our mail server and spoof the connect and the email goes through without issue. Seems to be a problem on the originating end.

It almost sounds as if there are some connection filtering and/or sender filtering in place.  Under the sender filtering there is an option to Drop connection if address matches filter and I believe it does not return an NDR or in the same location Archive filtered messages may be checked which would appear as everything is fine except no mail would pass.  Also under Internet Message Formats you can check to see if Allow non-delivery reports is unchecked.

One of the best methods I've used for instances such as this is using Message tracking.  Start with known good mail, such as the ones from your gmail or hotmail account and see what path it takes into your system to the point of delivery to the mailbox.  Then do the same for the mail address that is not going through.  You may find that in the trace it goes to an archived location.

Another resort I've used for messages got in a auto-reply war (when using GFI int he past) was having a test sent, then looking through the transaction log to see what may have happened once it entered your domain(s).

If you go through a smarthost or thirdparty filtering service you can do the same trace as before as well.  They may be blocking or blacklisting the site as well.  If you have any of the black list addresses stored in your anti-malware and anti spam products you can check the senders domain against the RBL at http://www.spamhaus.org/
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

Well, you can disregard my comment ;-)

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