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Delphi5 exe compiles to a different size

Switched D5 from W2K computer to XPPro.

5 of 6 projects compiled to the exact same exe size.

6th one compiled to 1280KB when it was 1307KB before

Not sure if related but...
when I tried to save the text version of that form, I got a:
Field <  > does not have a corresponding component. Remove the declaration?

The text had a declaration: web: TNMHTTP;, but TNMHTTP was missing from the visual form.  Put it back on the form.  The file saved fine, but exe size was still 1280KB.

does anyone have any ideas?  

the program seems to run alright but I haven't tested it completely.  

I don't believe it's a W2K versus XP thing because the other exes were the same size as before.

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Geert G

in the future versions of delphi you'll need to replace this component with idhttp (indy components)
did you switch delphi versions too ?

No, still D5

I'm not sure why the TNMHTTP disappeared

I just tried putting any ol' component on the form and recompiled and the exe was larger so I'm wondering if there was an extra component that wasn't used on the form.   But then it would be in the text, I guess.

How can I be certain that he exe is sound?  Should a lack of errors be enough?
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William Peck

You could compare the dpr files for differences in the project options. I guess the different file size results from some packages that are not yet installed on the XP machine.
Geert G

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Geert G

it may depend also on a different library size used for the 2K and the XP
like the office package, there is a 2K package and a XP package

what project options do you think could account for such a difference?

so is it possible that packages are not yet on the XP, are needed for the program, and the compile wouldn't let me know that somethings missing?

as far as a compare, the files that I used were the ones from the latest backup (the W2K computer is dead), backed up from the exact files that compiled to 1307KB, yet one of these backup files appeared to be missing the TNMHTTP whereas it certainly wasn't missing from the source that it backup, so I'm not so sure that I'd trust a compare

same exact D5 CD was loaded on both computers.
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Ultimately comparing all of the files convinced me that there was not a problem - the program appears to work correctly and I assume this will be the new compiled exe size - still don'tl never know why it changed since 5 others were within 1KB of their originalsrtg.  Anyway I really like Beyond Compare.  I'll have tons of uses for it so thanks for the intro.