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Using a MultiHomed Server and Citrix

Hi all,

We currently run a Citrix PS 4.5 Farm with all servers (HP) having teamed NIC's.  We need to connect three of the servers to a seperate WAN B as well as being connected to the WAN A.

What we would like to do is break the team, and split each NIC off to the WAN A and WAN B.  I only want Citrix to be accessible via WAN A NIC, as this is the client facing side, and the server to have access to the WAN B Side.

What changes are required to only provide citrix access to the WAN A NIC, as when you do this and run a QFARM it shows both IP Addresses in the list.  We have seen a problem with Secure Gateway unable to run the published application as its trying to get to the server using the other NIC (WAN B).

The WAN B would (I assume) be set up without a gateway, and static routes be placed on the server, therefore allowing access to the devices on WAN B.  

End of the day we would like the three servers able to access systems in WAN B, and appear like a single IP on the WAN A side for Citrix.


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