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FileZilla Server "unable to unable to get local issuer certificate" Using Thawte SSL cert.

I have recently purchased a SSL cert from Thawte to run on our FileZilla server.  I was hoping that this would eliminate the "Accept Certificate" pop up box that clients see when using a self signed cert.

I followed the following steps:  http://illdata.com/blog/2007/01/23/exporting-an-ssl-certificate-from-iis-to-use-in-filezilla-ftp-server/

The pop up still occurs when logging into the server using SSL.  I'm still getting the pop up box asking to accept the cert, however now there is an error:

"unable to get local issuer certificate.  
The error occured at a depth of 1 in the certificate chain."

The cert does not display any of our information (Country, Organization, City, etc)

Does anyone know a way around this?  Much appreciated!

Filezilla Server v0.9.29 beta
Windows 2003 Server
Thawte SSL 123 cert

The location of the key and cert are in the filezilla root directory.
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