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vmware ESX 3.5 U3 No place on disk to dump data

kicktech asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I just installed a fresh copy of ESX 3.5 U3 on a Tyan s2865 board.  The processer is a Dual Core AMD Opteron Processor 165.  2CPU x 1.808 GHz.  I have esx running on two other identical hardware setups.  Infact the SATA HD I used to install this copy on this machine is the same from a working box.  

The reason i changed to this machine is the NIC went bad in the previous box.

I have attached a picture of the error I get after it starts to boot for the first time.

I have reset the bios to safe defaults, and looked over the settings many times.  The odd thing is the install runs fine.  Just on first boot up  it gives me this No place on disk to dump data?  I am not that good with hardware error codes.  I hope someone can help me.
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I didn't think about it being the controller.  I just asumed it was ok and was not a board problem.  I figured it was software.  I am not that familar with the coding, just configuration.  I will check on Monday when I get back to the office.  Thank you for looking at this so early in the morning.  4 am! Crazy.
comment came at UK time - not so crazy :-)
This is the infamous PSOD or Purple Screen of Death they call in VMware when you try to install VMware ESX on unsupported hardware platforms.


Interesting,  well it is not a supported hardware setup.  But I do have it running on 3 other machines of the exact hardware.  I just got in to the office and I will start messing with the hard drive controller.


Ok I looked at the hard drive board, and it looks like it just is a place to plug the hard drives in the front of a 1u server.  There is sata cables that run from that backplane to the motherboard its self.  I opted to switch out the CPU in to this board.  After doing that nothing changed.  So I went and cleared the bios of all its settings, and started over.  I thought I had done that before but I guess not.

It now displays a different error after it boots up.  However it does seem like it is running.  I have to start throwing some VM's at it tomorrow.  I have attached a picture of the error.  Let me know what you think.
I suspected that, as you had this working on a similar system, that it must be something like BIOS settings or firmware.

The PSOD doesnt occur simply because it isnt on the HCL (as seemed to be suggested) - many things that arent on the HCL work (as youve proved) but they are not supported so you cant complain to VMware if it goes wrong later.

Glad that you now have a bootable server - the error you are getting points to a CPU problem (incompatability etc). Check your CPU setting sin BIOS against those on the working systems and see if you have timings or something different


Thank you for being such a pro!  Soon I should have more knowledge about this wonderful system.  I am glad that you are here to help people learning, and playing, like me.

Fun to talk to a person that is in a different Country.  Thanks again.
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