Error 0x8DDD0001 in Windows Update

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I have upgraded to Windows IE7 from IE6 on our Windows Server 2003 RL Standard Edition, but now I cannot access Windows Update.  The error number is 0x8DDD0001, and although I can reach one possible solution, it will not load because it states that java is disabled on the browser.  Have made certain that java script is enabled, but to no avail.  Can someone help me?  This server is hosting our web site, and as such needs to be updated continuously for protection.

Many thanks!
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Hi Carole,

i think the best course of action is to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security

you can do this through control panel => add/remove progams => add remove windows components => untick the box with IE Enhanced Security. => click next and let the wizard complete

once this has been completed open "" from within IE and update the ActiveX control required to use the site

let me know how you get on
For a quick workaround you may try enabling auto updates to download updates but not install them.  This way it will continue to download them and you can install them during your maintenance window.  
However it sounds like a permission issue with IE7 or the installation did not complete correctly.  I would first make sure and are in the trusted sites.  You may even try the repair options on IE7 SP1 from add/remove programs.
Sorry forgot this URL to add to trusted sites as well:  


Everyone was very helpful.  Gave the most points to the first solution because I had already placed the update URLs into the Trusted Sites zone, but it didn't have any effect.  However both the first and second suggestions provide excellent suggestions!   Many thanks!


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