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Barcode Font: Correct on screen, prints fine locally; does not print via Remote Desktop redirected printer

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Hello ~

Printing a text box  on a report in MS Access 2003 formatted for a barcode font, the font appears correctly on the screen but prints regular ASCII characters (NOT the ASCII characters I've barcoded though) when I print the report to paper, through a Windows Server 2008 remote desktop connection, redirected printer application.

Fonts tried: Free 3 of 9 Extended (FRE3OF9X.TTF), Aatrix39Regular (Aatrix3of9Reg.ttf), BC I25 Medium (I25m.ttf)) - and others.

The  barcode font appears correctly on the screen AND prints fine on my local workstation, but not through the RDP connection....

I'd appreciate your ideas.

Thank you, Jacob

Im stumped.
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Have you made sure the font is installed on the machine you are RDP'd to (the machine that is doing the printing)?


Thank you, Eric, for your reply.

Yes, it is.


However, other fonts not installed on my local machine do print as formatted on the RDP profile.


OK Folks, this seems to be a Terminal Tervices issue, as I'm experiencing the same issue using WordPad.


If no one has ideas, I'll repost in a different zone...

In Gratitude, Jacob