How to share Vista Desktop using Citrix XenApp 5

Hi Experts,

I'm new to Citric and how ever I have deployed XenApp 5 on single Windows 2003 R2 box. (Referred )

Now I need to share Virtual Vista desktops to users.

Can you please provide me necessary guidance on this ??

Thanks a lot !
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AdamBNYCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Carl is totally correct as usual. Depending on what level of licensing you get for XenDesktop all the components you need are included. Xendesktop can do windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 when it comes out officially.
Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To share out desktop you need to look at XenDesktop and also possibly Provisioning Server (both by Citrix).
Shakthi777Author Commented:
Can't I do it using XenApp and XenDesktop ? what is the other Citrix component I need ??
Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you can do it with Web Interface 5.1.1 and XenDesktop 3.

Take a look at the XenDesktop Evaluator's Guide:

I would give carl the accepted solution, i really just assisted.
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