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server backup solution ?

I need to know what is the best way to setup a backup for my server 2008 . Should I do each week or each day and should it be incrimental or differential or complete and how to scheduale that. Also if I dont want to use Microsoft backup services do you recomend programs that backup server efficently and maybe user desktops . In a nut shell lol I am looking for the best backup solution for my enviroment. Thank you.
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tigermattSite Reliability Engineer
Most Valuable Expert 2011

How critical is the server? What roles does it run? How often does the data change? What size is all the data combined? How and where will you back up to (disk or tape)?

These are all questions you need to answer before deciding on a backup solution. I can give you some generic advice though.

If you are looking to use the built-in Microsoft solution to backup your Server 2008 machine, you will be limited to full backups to disk (either a USB disk, or with a bit more work, a network drive). The new Windows Server Backup is awful and does NOT support Incrementals, Differentials or any form of tape drive backup.

It is dependent on your budget for this, but Backup Exec is a much more robust product for performing server backups. Advanced features such as overwrite and append protection, as well as support for tape drives, make it more suitable for an enterprise network.

For sites with Backup Exec installed, I always perform a Full backup over the weekend, and then Differential backups during the week. This means a restore will require no more than two (2) backup jobs to be restored - the Full, then the appropriate differential backup. Overwrite Protection means the Differential backups are kept on tape, such that the differential backup from ANY day can be restored (not just the latest one).

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013
It's difficult to know what the best backup is for your environment.  I suggest you start here: www.lwcomputing.com/tips/static/backup.asp (I haven't had the chance to update it in a year or so, but it's still largely valid).

I think Acronis True Image server is one of the best tools that you can use Unless you are using Bitlocker on your server ,,,, Personally , I've been using it long time ago and really its like a magic ,,,, you can restore your complete OS in few minutes ... really in few minutes ,,,, and you can make full backup every week ,,,, it  is simple , quick , and secured (you can encrypt your back up , Up to AES 256 ) ,,,, I'm using it on my laptop and servers at work , and on every station I'm sitting up by making an image of it once I install all appliations and drivers ...
Sai Prasad KinneraManager, Technical Support
as our tigermatt suggested their are few things whch we need to look at, their are few softwares available and each vendor has their own options and spces for supporting your environment

i would certainly suggest to go with ca arcserve backup, and with current setup you need license for windows 2008 as software is compatable with it, license is cheaper than acronis or backup exec and you have utility called staging which allows you to perform backup to disk to disk to tape which means you can send the tape offiste and keep a copy locally and you dont need extra license for this feature and apart from this you also have CRC scan, virus scan, email alerts and post and pre scripts to start or stop any services, you have filters that can be used with the same license.

you can backup rest of the servers through network so that you dont have to buy additional license.


click on insights and documents for more information.

hope this helps
A few Things that needs to be considered for palnning a backup Solution.

1) If the Data is Very Critical and the restore time required for the same should be minimal and if you have the costing then you should use Snap Clone or Snap Shot of the data. e.g: - HP RSM tool for HP EVA STORAGE and Tivoli for IBM Storage.
Loads of Tools available and the selection of the right tool depends on the Type of the Data. My personal advice is IBM TSM / veritas Netback for Network and centralised backup solution or Veritas Backup for a Standalone server.

2) The Frequency for any data should be Daily  (Incremental or Differential)
Weekly - Full Backup

3) Then you have media Rotation. Rotation of your daily, Weekly and Monthly Media.
You should consider a media rotation policy for Daily Backup for 15 Days. This means the  Tape Media used in the First Week Mon will be reused on Third Week Monday and So on.

4) Media Labelling: You can use barcodes or if the security policy permits the use of System Hostname or IP address then use that.

5) Off-site Media Movement:
This is to ensure that you dont keep the tapes in the same location as your server. In the event of an unforseen tragedy if the Bdlg collapase then your sever along with the Backup will be lost.
So you can have an off-Site Location where you can move the media after every sucessful Backup.

6) Media Retention:
Every Media has a Life Cylce. It means that the number of read/writed opearations it can handle.

7) If you havde a Bunch of serves which needs to be backuped up then you can also consider the Tape Library.

hope this is helpful