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I am looking to develop an application, in order for it to be compatible with most  phones in the market

Currently the platforms available include
Symbion for Nokia

Is J2ME the ideal choice. Can I run J2ME applications on WINCE and Symbion ?

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yogeshpmangrulkarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All java enabled Symbian phones will support J2ME. Using J2ME has its own advantages and disadvantages. Symbian will give you better OS and H/W access. J2ME will help you in directly using the application on other Java enabled phones like Windows and Blackberry.

Does not affect much on Processor and Battery.
Yes. J2ME is a ideal choice. It works great with Symbion for Nokia phones, Windows based phones now come with java installed. Its well supported over BlackBerry too. Apple does not support java as of now but they will be doing that soon. Many of the new phones are coming with Linux OS, most of them will support j2me too.

J2ME is a ideal choice for Symbion, Windows and Blackberry phones
jbajajAuthor Commented:

Just one more thing..
for nokia phones, do all f them support J2ME

Also is writing an application on J2ME be more heavy on the battery / processor than writing the same application directly on Symbian

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