Has anyone tried to use 2008 Hyper-v with a SAN connection thru a gigiabit switch?

I have heard this is possible but no one wants to sell me a nas box and switch to accomplish the task. Everyone wants me to buy a drive storage unit and connect directly thru iSCSI cables.

Has anyone had success with the SAN gigabit switch option?
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ashwin_kumar525Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Exactly, if you are confident enough that your network will be able to sustain the load, then go for by using a Dedicated NIC for the iSCSI connection, this way the load will be less on your production NIC or public interface of the server. Bundling the 2 NICs for this use is even better. That has to be configured at your Switch, something like etherchannel in Cisco.

iSCSI could be even better than I thought but the reason I refrain from using iSCSI is out of my personal experience because, mostly I do data backups and obviously there will be a lot of load. I have never used iSCSI for storing VM files, so cant say how it would be. You can try setup iSCSI in test and see how that goes.
There are two ways of attaching the Storage to a server, through iSCSI or SCSI/HBA. Do you want to use NFS? can you brief a little more on what you need?
jimmylew52Author Commented:
I an not sure what SCSI/HBA is. I am lacking in knowledge of SAN technology I think. I am told the storage has to be attached directly thru iSCSI cables to the storage box to use Hyper-v technology to make virtual servers. I have read that some type of iSCSI connector (software) can be used to connect to a NAS box connected by a gigabit connection.

The NAS box I assume would be a file server with a NAS application connected to the gigabit switch. I have a storage raid box that I can attach to the server with an iSCSI cable but it has insufficient data storage capacity to do what we need to do.

I need to know definitely if I need to by a raid box to connect to the server thru iSCSI cable (very expensive) of can I use as NAS setup for storage using the iSCSI thru gigabit (?) I have read about?
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SCSI, HBA, iSCSI is the type of connectivity which belongs to same roof --- sending SCSI commands through different media. SCSI is copper cables, HBA is typically Fiber Channel, iSCSI uses your existing network to send SCSI commands over TCP/IP network.

You dont need iSCSI for using Hyper V. You can create VMs on locally attached storage unless you dont have enough space. When you dont have any thing else and need storage space, then you will go for iSCSI as a last resort.

There is no such thing as iSCSI cable. this type of connectivity uses your network. You have plenty of disk space on NAS that can be used for storing VMs files? setup an iSCSI initiator on Hyper V, make sure that your NAS has either a hardware iSCSI target or Software iSCSI Target(You can check with the NAS vendor for this).

I'd rather prefer storing your VMs on a DAS (Directly attached storage) or SAN (Storage area network) instead of iSCSI. There will be a lot of overhead on the network with iSCSI. But SCSI dont need to involve your network.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
So iSCSI thru a gigabit switch is a viable option but not a desirable one?
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Testing went well. I was hoping for someone with production experience with iSCSI. No one seems to be willing to say they are using it for production.
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