Outlook 2007 "Cannot Register Outlooks forms"

Good day,

I recently upgraded Office 2003 Enterprise to Office 2007 Enterprise on our terminal server running Windows 2003 Standard, SP2.

And i have only one user not able to access outlook 2007. They were able to access outlook 2003 without a problem but since the upgrade to 2007 they are no longer able to open it. When they try to open it, the migrating wizard appears saying its migrating account settings etc and then the below error appears:

"Microsoft Office Oulook cannot register Outlook forms.
An error occured and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please contact your system administrator."

When they click ok they get the above errror again. And clicking ok to that they get a warning:

"Failed to register a VB Script DLL. Reinstall or run regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll to self register."

When i hit ok to the above i get another warning saying "the operation failed" and then office closes out.

I have tried the below to resolve the issue but still have no luck.

1. reregister the dll by using "regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll", says registered suceeded but i still get the same errors when i try to open outlook again.

2. Reinstalled office with full installation. I first installed with default installation and read somewhere to do a full installation but that still did not help.

3. Recreated users profile on terminal server.

I would be most greatful for a solution to this problem. As said before only one user is experiancing this problem. All other users are able to use Outlook 2007 fine and with no problems.

This is what makes it so strange.

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Try this
Search for frmcache.dat
Rename frmcache.dat to oldfrmcache.dat and create a new Outlook profile
Appears that the registry is corrupt for this user
Create a new Windows User profile for this user and try again
Aslo check whether this user has any addins....
Check if there is a mcafee addin...if so remove it
Remove the Mcafee Add-in from the registry with the following steps:
1. Open registry editor (Start | Run | Regedit)
2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins
3. Remove McOIAddin.Connect
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ampikeAuthor Commented:
Regarding creating a new windows profile for the user.

I am assuming you are talking about renaming their profile folder on the server c:\documents and settings\user1 and then having them log in again for this to be recreated.

If so i did this before and did it again this morning. But still the same problem exsists. The Mcaffe addin is not located in the registry.

Anything else i can try?
ampikeAuthor Commented:
I am still looking for a solution to this issue.

Does anyone have anything else i can try?

Please advise.
ampikeAuthor Commented:
This is a list of what has been done to try and resolve this issue, but have been unsucessful each time. Any help would be most appreciated.

1. Reregister vbscript.dll, it says reregister is sucessful but no change with the problem.

2. Renamed the frmcache.dat to old and started outlook again to recreate the file, same problem occurs.

3. Looked to see if the Mcaffee addin (been reported to cause problems) in the registry exsists,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins McOIAddin.Connect, it doesnt so this is not the problem.

4. Reinstalled office 2007 and set it to install full instead of typical (I installed as typical when I did the upgrade at first), same problem.

5. Deleted users profile from C:\Documents & Settings on server1 and loged in to again to have it recreated. Same problem.

6. Created a new outlook profile in Control Panel / Mail, same problem.

7. Logged in to users machine which has office 2003 and disabled all Addins and COM addins, then logged in to server1 and opened Outlook 2007. Same problem.

8. Logged in to my machine under her profile, once I had the user logged in to my machine, I received a box saying that it was trying to install something (it didnt tell me what it was trying to install) from \\Office2003Pro\PRO11.MSI but couldnt find the source. So I cancelled this and opened Outlook 2007 which it then opened the Add/Remove Office 2007 components and told me that it wanted to install an Add-in (it didnt tell me what add-in it wanted to install), I hit yes to install it. After the install it told me that OUTRPC.dll was missing and then my computer restarted. When I logged in again to my computer under the users profile I found that Outlook 2007 had been completely uninstalled. I then installed it again and was presented with the same as above. After 2nd restart my outlook 2007 had been uninstalled again. I logged in as me again on my computer installed it again and am using it now. Still same problem with user when I log in to server1 under her profile.

9. Ive renamed the outcmd.dat file under users profile for it to be created again when outlook 2007 starts, same problem.

10. Ive used the diagnostics tool to resolve, it has come back saying everything is fine. Same problem

11. Reregistered OLE32.dll and INETCOMM.dll, both suceeded, same problem.

12. Run outlook 2007 under users profile in safe mode under users profile, same problem.

13. Under users profile on server1 ive removed the FORMS folder for it to be recreated when office opens, same problem.

14. Installed a VB patch from Microsoft, same problem
ampikeAuthor Commented:
Thanks and apologies for not closing this sooner.
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