Read data from a internet html page into a MSaccess Table

Posted on 2009-03-30
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
i have airport database in msaccess. what i want is the code should open the webpage (<airport_Name.html)) if it has got a coordinate and a height above sea level value read it and update the access table database. the code given below works fine with a html page saved in the hard disk, but when directed to a web page it says bad file name or number. why is that so?  also tell me how can i simplify the above code
Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2
Dim fso, MyFile, textL, fsr, rep, rep1, rep2, ctl, str, HTTP
Dim vc As Object
    A = vc.RecordCount
        'For I = 1 To A
    IDN = vc.ID
    airn = vc.AirportName
    f16 = vc.Field16
    bn = airn
        sURL = ""
    Set fsr = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set str = fsr.openTextfile("C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\testHTTP.txt", ForReading)
    Set HTTP = fsr.openTextfile("C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\testHTTP.txt", ForWriting, True)
    Dim ie As Object
    Dim path As String
        Set ie = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
            ie.navigate sURL
            'FollowHyperlink sURL, , False, True
                'ie.navigate f16
                While ie.busy
   'ie.Visible = True
        Open "" For Input As #1
 '-------------test code--------------------------------------
        Do While Not EOF(1)   ' Loop until end of file.
Line Input #1, str    ' Read line into variable.
HTTP.writeline str
'Debug.Print str    ' Print to the Immediate window.
'--------test code for inside string-------------
'With strn
Set strn = fsr.openTextfile("C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\testHTTP.txt", ForReading)
'    Do Until .atendofstream
'        str = .readline
            s = InStr(1, str, "params=", vbTextCompare)
'Debug.Print s
If (s > 0) Then
    COR = Mid(str, s + 7, 30)
        le = Len(COR)
            Set rep1 = fsr.openTextfile("C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\testCOR.txt", ForWriting, True)
                rep1.writeline COR
                    Debug.Print COR
            Set rep2 = fsr.openTextfile("C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop\testHTTP.txt", ForReading)
                'With repp
                    'Do Until .atendofstream
                        'cor = .readline
                            c1 = InStr(1, COR, "N", vbTextCompare)
                                C2 = InStr(1, COR, "E", vbTextCompare)
'End If
'--------test code for inside string----------------
'---------------------test to check the coordinates---------------------
    If (c1 > 0) Then
        CO = Left(COR, c1)
            'CO = Replace(CO, "_", "", 1, -1, 1)
                Debug.Print CO
                    End If
'--------------trace the under score symbol (_) in the 1st coordinate--------------------
               US = InStr(1, CO, "_", vbTextCompare)
               US1 = Left(CO, US - 1)
               Debug.Print US1
               US = Mid(CO, (US + 1), (Len(CO)))
               CO1 = US
               US = InStr(1, US, "_", vbTextCompare)
               US2 = Left(CO1, US - 1)
               Debug.Print US2
               US = Mid(CO1, (US + 1), (Len(CO)))
               CO2 = US
               US = InStr(1, US, "_", vbTextCompare)
               US3 = Left(CO2, US - 1)
               Debug.Print US3
'--------------trace the under score symbol (_) in the 1st coordinate--------------------
   If (C2 > 0) Then
        CA = Mid(COR, (c1 + 2), (Len(COR)))
            COR = CA
                End If
                CA1 = InStr(1, COR, "E", vbTextCompare)
        If CA1 > 0 Then
            CA = Left(CA, CA1)
                Debug.Print CA
        End If
'--------------trace the under score symbol (_) in the 2ND coordinate--------------------
               VS = InStr(1, CA, "_", vbTextCompare)
               VS1 = Left(CA, VS - 1)
               Debug.Print VS1
               VS = Mid(CA, (VS + 1), (Len(CA)))
               CA1 = VS
               VS = InStr(1, VS, "_", vbTextCompare)
               VS2 = Left(CA1, VS - 1)
               Debug.Print VS2
               VS = Mid(CA1, (VS + 1), (Len(CA)))
               CA2 = VS
               VS = InStr(1, VS, "_", vbTextCompare)
               VS3 = Left(CA2, VS - 1)
               Debug.Print VS3

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Question by:bashkaru
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Expert Comment

ID: 24017256
not sure what you are trying to say with directed to web page. What I see in your code is to read the webpage contents and save it locally
and you say it works fine on local files
LVL 46

Expert Comment

ID: 24017300

Author Comment

ID: 24025915
Hi RockiRoads, what i mean is i am able to read a html page saved in the hard disk, but when the path is directed to a page on the internet (www) then it says bad file name or number. why is that so?
LVL 65

Accepted Solution

rockiroads earned 500 total points
ID: 24026279
thats because you cant open up a webpage like that

If u wanted to get the text from the html, either use InetCtls, Gary has given you an example or using your existing code with the IE object, get the text like this

    Dim docHTML As HTMLDocument
    Dim sHtml as String

    Set docHTML = appIE.Document
    sHtml = docHTML.Body.innerHTML

You add this after your navigate

            ie.Navigate sURL
            'FollowHyperlink sURL, , False, True
                'ie.navigate f16
            While ie.Busy

    Set docHTML = appIE.Document
    sHtml = docHTML.Body.innerHTML

And to write it to your file, dont do this

        Open "" For Input As #1
        Do While Not EOF(1)   ' Loop until end of file.
Line Input #1, str    ' Read line into variable.

but just do this

HTTP.WriteLine sHtml

Now the difference between using IE and InetCtls to load the page is that the latter does not open up a browser to get the text so would be quicker


Author Closing Comment

ID: 31564253
thanks very much.

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