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PRF Profiles


For some background information we are running windows server 2000 and exchange server 5.5. Client machines are running windows XP with office 2003. The username is the same as the alias in exchange 5.5 so that should be OK. User accounts are setup to be roaming profiles.

The overall goal is to standardize systems throughout our organisation by using group policy and other elements (such as PRF profiles) to mould the user account as it were. So as a default we want outlook to be already setup and configured.

I Want to configure PRF profiles to automatically setup and configure the following outlook elements:

- Add exchange account
- Set archive location to z:\archive.pst - z:\ being the home drive
- Add the archive as a data file in options so that it's in the left hand pain.

Also how can I roll this out, I need this to be setup for all users so as a default, without configuration, they will have there exchange email account configured, reading pane in the correct place etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks
1 Solution
I'm not sure how it works in Exchange 5.5 but I believe the users must me mail enabled before you can use a prf to configure outlook.
You can use the Office Resource Kit that can be downloaded from the Microsoft site to create a prf (for example using the custom installation wizard)
Then you can import the prf by using outlook.exe /importprf prf-filename
You can also download Office 2003 ADM templates so you can configure Office option via Group Policy
And if you really want to automate, it is time to upgrade to at least Exchange 2003.

I hope this helps !
billy_howardAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.

SysExpert, I wish it was that simple, I prefer Exchange 2003. I simply work there..

Any help would be nice?

You might try using profgen.exe to create a outlook profile (availble in the Exchange 5.5 resource kit).

You can then either alter the shortcut for outlook in the users profile as above (ideally for mandatory profiles) or you can add a line to the login script (batch file or WSH).

If you choose to create the profile in a logon script you will need newprof.exe (also in the exchange 5.5 resoure kit) on each workstation.

Taken from MS website:

Newprof.exe requires a profile settings file (.PRF file) that contains the information about the profile to be generated. By default, if Newprof.exe is not supplied any parameters, it will look for the file Default.prf in the Windows directory.

"Newprof.exe accepts the following command line options:
NEWPROF [-P <Path to .PRF file>] [-S] [-X] [-Z]

-P <Path to .PRF file> is the .PRF file with the complete path.

-S Causes the Newprof.exe to program to bring up a window, allows the user to choose a .PRF file, and displays status and error messages in this window.

-X Causes Newprof.exe to start execution automatically when the -S option is used, without waiting for a .PRF file to be selected. Requires the -P option to be used or the Default.prf file to be present in the windows directory.

-Z Causes Newprof.exe to display MAPI error codes in case any errors are encountered. This option requires the -S option. "

Hope this helps it has been a long time since I have done this!

billy_howardAuthor Commented:
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