Hardware Management Console(HMC) setup on AIX 5.3 server

I have setup Advance System Management Interface(ASMI), I am able to get on a browser and put an IP address and log in to my server using ASMI.  But, when I go to the  HMC menu, it says there is no HMC connection.  Is there anything that I need to do to get my HMC setup on my server??  Email with any questions...THANKS
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi again,
I think I didn't understand quite well which way you're trying to reach the ASMI. Could you please be more specific?
The 'normal' way would be -
  • Open a browser session to your HMC
  • Check your managed system in the right pane,
  • Click '>>' at the right of the managed system's name
  • Select 'Operations' -> 'Launch Advanced System Management (ASM)
  • A window opens showing a warning and the 'ServiceProcessor IP Address'
    • Here it is very important to make sure that you have a network route to that address!
    • Check with 'traceroute' or 'tracert'
    • If there is no route, you can't reach the SP and the ASMI -
    • - even if the 'Welcome' window opens.
    • Reconfigure your gateway to enable that route and try again.

I have that problem here, too. But since I use the ASMI only in very rare cases, I prefer walking to the HMC and open the ASMI locally, which will always work.
Do you have HMC installed ( A computer running Linux) ?
AIX25Author Commented:
I do not know if I have HMC installed? Is there a way to check if HMC is installed? Does it come default installed on my AIX server? Where do I get the install file? Where do I install it on; Server or Local computer?

I setup ASMI with following:

After I set it up, I went into the ASMI logged and change the configs to hit a specific IP address.

I login typing in the browser https:// IP.Address ; then I am for a username and password, in which I use admin and its password.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.


If you access the ASMI without taking the path over a HMC, it seems to be clear that you have no HMC,
and thus can't access that non-existent HMC (Hardware Management Console).
ASMI access via HMC doesn't provide a HMC menu.
A HMC is a completely separate, Linux based machine running on Intel hardware, mostly mounted in the same rack as the AIX machine.
Could you tell me which IBM machine you use? Probably I will then be able to tell you whether a HMC can be connected (or even is by default contained in the shipment of that box).
AIX25Author Commented:
AIX Power5, model 9133-55A
It does not have HMC.
... but can be attached to one.

AIX25: Since you never mentioned a separate box (Intel based PC) connected to your 9133, I strongly assume that there is no HMC.
So there is no need (and no possibility, of course) to use the ASMI HMC menu.

You can manage your server with the ASMI (as described in the link you posted), to
  • Set performance options
  • Configure network services
  • Use on-demand utilities
  • ...
If you'd like to get informed what you could additionally do with a HMC, please read this:




AIX25Author Commented:
So there is now way to get HMC? Why would the back of my server have 2 HMC ports??  I there a way to connect a laptop to my server and use the laptop as a console for my server, and then set HMC??
gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes - call IBM sales REP....

There is no big use for HMC, no LPAR ability in your machine. Go live with "smitty wlm" like most people do.
If you purchase huge system with HMC (PC with highly customized SuSE Linux - FYI)  included you can set same settings as from ASMI but using prominent HMC.
A laptop as console is fine, but that will not be a HMC. You can use your laptop's browser to access the ASMI (that's what you already did), or you can use an ASCII terminal emuator running on your laptop to access the ASMI in ASCII mode. Of course you can use a hardware ASCII terminal (such as VTxxx compatibles, or IBM 3151), too.

A HMC is kind of an appliance, containing a specially crafted Linux and IBM proprietary software.

The only way to get a real HMC is to buy one from IBM, which includes purchasing a license for the software.

I'm not quite sure if you have to buy the hardware from IBM, but I strongly assume so.


You have to get price from IBM and they will let you choose their partners in area to make shipment.
@gheist: Did you ever run a big iron from IBM?
Managing a highly virtualized POWER5/POWER6 environment only with ASMI is a torture.
Yes - what was back then called Regatta - first one with HMC - set it up to have one (no) partition (s) and configured workload manager which appeared for 32bit PowerPC 604e in AIX 4.3.3 - and guess what - it worked perfectly with all its 64bit architecture running heap of 32bit apps.
Just suggesting easier way to allocate resources to applications...
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