Not able to login to router from a server


I have two Win2003servers - at .2 and .3 - I have a Netgear FVS124G router at .1 - everything is working fine and the 7 workstations I have experience no issues with either the internal network or getting out onto the internet.. However, I can't seem to login to the router from my .3 server - although I get to the login page. When I enter the user and password (no caps lock, etc), I get a 404 error (page cannot be displayed) - I can login using the same credentials from my .2 server - I can ping everything and everyone from either server.

Anyone got any thoughts on what might be happening... I suppose I could reset the router to the initial factory defaults - but that will have to wait till the end of the workday...

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SCCMCanuckConnect With a Mentor Network AnalystCommented:
Have you tried accesing the router from more than one browser?

It sounds like the browser security settings on your Server may be set too high, try the following in Internet Explorer:

1. Under Internet Options, Security, Trusted Sites, Sites:
2. Add the URL of the Router to your trusted Sites list
3. Close your Browser, Re-open it, and try accessing the router config page again
SCCMCanuckNetwork AnalystCommented:
As an extension to my previous post, Another Possibility is that "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" may be installed on the server in question.

If you wish to disable this service you can do so by using the following procedure:

1. Control Panel
2. Add Remove Programs
3. Add Remove Windows Components
4. Scrolll down to "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" and de-select it, click next and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: This will remove enhanced security functionality when browsing the web on the server, however i would never be browsing the internet on a server in the first place, so in my network environment i will always remove this service, in my opinion it cause more trouble thatn its worth.

Let me know how you make out :)

JimAstraAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the help. I added the IP to the trusted sites and that worked. I then went in and checked on the Enhanced SC and found that was checked and unchecked it (although it also showed 0.0 meg for size)... I then went back in and deleted the trusted site for the IP - this combo was a no-go - however, adding the IP back to Trusted allowed it to work again... To be honest, I have no idea what might have happened, this setup has been working fine for some 5 years - I suspect it might have something to do with my last visit from the Solomon Accounting people... It really wasn't that much of a biggee - since i could get on the router from any workstation or the other server... but it was just irritating... <G>

thanks again for the help,

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