Offline Files: "Make Available Offline" Not Available

When I right-click a folder on our main file server to make it available offline, the "Make Available Offline" option is not in the menu. The same is true if I select the folder and look on the File menu. This is also the same for making a mapped drive available offline. The server is 2003 Enterprise R2, and I have full access rights to the folder in question.

Offline Files *is* enabled - I can access the Offline Files tab in Folder Options, and "Enable Offline Files" is checked on that tab. There are no GPs affecting Offline Files, either locally or on the domain.

How do I make this option appear (or otherwise make this folder available offline)?

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vandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked the caching settings on the share itself? We have all of our shares set to "not be available offline" to prevent Citrix issues.

Worth a look.

are you seated at the server, or viewing a share from a remote computer?
jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Sorry, this is from my client machine. I guess that would help, huh? :)
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Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:
On you server, make sure "Offline Files" are configured as on.  If you have Remote Desktop set to allow multiple connections, this option doesn't exist.  See the attached image.

jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Alright, I looked up this tab in Folder Options on the server. This is the display I see. Does this mean that I cannot use Offline Files?

I know we had Offline Files working before, because users' redirected My Documents folders were automatically made available offline. We've since turned that off, but I don't believe we've made any changes to Remote Desktop on this server. It's not a terminal server, just a file, print, application, DNS, & DHCP server.
jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Oops, here's the image.
jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Duh, I didn't even think to check that. That was it - I had "Files or programs from the share will not be available offline" selected. It's been too long since we set up this file server...
jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Here's another question for you guys - is it possible to make a hidden share available offline? I can browse the share and make individual files available offline, but I can't right-click on the share itself, since it doesn't show up when I browse to the server. Is there another way to do this?

I can make it another question with more points if you would like.
Glad to help :)

Not sure about the hidden share, but I would imagine you would run into an issue with the map caching since the main share is hidden. Similar to the issue described here:

jd_programmer1Author Commented:
Alright. Well, I pulled a couple of files offline tonight for testing, and they seem to be working alright. I'll see if the changes I made sync up correctly when I go back in to work.

This certainly isn't a critical issue, and there aren't many files on the share, so I'll just take my chances with this hidden share and see what happens.

Thanks again, both of you!
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