Pass currently selected form field value to CFWINDOW for insert into query.

Posted on 2009-03-30
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
I am using CFWINDOW to add some records on the fly.  I have have 2 select boxes in a form and 1 select is a child of the other.  When I add a record to the child select using CFWINDOW, I need to pass the parent selects current value to the cfwindow so I can insert it with the new child record.  My problem is, I don't know how to pass that value to the cfwindow.  Here is what I have for code.

I need to get the value of SALE_BUYER_ID and pass it to my insert query somehow.
<!---             Index.cfm             ---->

<cfinclude template="addWindow.cfm">

<cfform name="sale">

<cfselect name="sale_buyer_id" id="sale_buyer_id" size="1" bind="javascript:getSaleBuyers()" bindonload="true" display="sale_buyer_Name" value="sale_buyer_id" selected="#sale.sale_buyer_id#" />

<br />

<select name="sale_buyer_yard_id" id="sale_buyer_yard_id">


<a href="javascript:addSaleBuyerYard();">[add new]</a>


<!---             addWindow.cfm             ---->

<cfajaximport tags="CFWINDOW, CFFORM">

<cfajaxproxy cfc="addWindow" jsclassname="salebuyeryardProxy">

<!--- js functions --->

<script type="text/javascript">

var openWindow = function(name,title,url,options){

 ColdFusion.Window.create(name, title, '', options);

 ColdFusion.navigate(url, name);


<!--- Functions specific to adding a new SALE BUYER YARD --->

var addSaleBuyerYard = function(){ //opens add_Salebuyeryard.cfm page in a cfwindow for adding new auction data

 ColdFusion.Window.create('sale_buyer_yard_id_window', 'Add Sub-Yard', 'add_SaleBuyerYard.cfm', {center:true,height:300,width:380,closable:true,dragable:true,resizable:true,modal:true,initshow:true});


var getSaleBuyerYards = function(){ //uses ajax proxy to populate cfselect

 var p = new salebuyeryardProxy();

 var populate = p.getSaleBuyerYards4cfselect();

 return populate;


var onHideAddSaleBuyerYard = function(name){ //refreshes the cfselect

 ColdFusion.Bind.assignValue('sale_buyer_yard_id', 'value', getSaleBuyerYards());



var onAddNewSuccess = function(name, fcn){ //my generic function to handle newly added data

 ColdFusion.Window.onHide(name, fcn);


 var el_id = name.substr(0,name.indexOf('_window'));



var setNewSelectedOption = function(id){

 var el = document.getElementById(id);

 var arrV = new Array();

 for (var i=0; i<el.options.length; i++){


  if (el.options[i].value == Math.max.apply(Math,arrV)){






<!---             My INSERT query in the add_SaleBuyerYard.cfm page            ---->

<cfquery name="insert" datasource="#request.dsn#">

INSERT INTO sale_buyer_yard

(sale_buyer_id, sale_buyer_yard, sale_buyer_yard_directions)


(#VALUE OF SALE_BUYER_ID#, '#TRIM(UCASE(FORM.sale_buyer_yard))#', '#TRIM(UCASE(FORM.sale_buyer_yard_directions))#')


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Question by:MFredin
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Accepted Solution

SidFishes earned 250 total points
ID: 24021783
since cfwindow is simply creating a div that -looks- like a window you just need to reference the parent id (as a hidden field perhaps?)

you can also pass the value in the Window.create call add_SaleBuyerYard.cfm?parentid=whatever


Author Comment

ID: 24023061
Oh perfect. Thanks!!!

Author Comment

ID: 24023311
Sorry, I think I closed this question too soon.  Is there a way I could use javascript to find the current value of a select box and add it to the URL when I launch my addSaleBuyerYard(); function?  I'm not very JS savvy, so example code is needed please.
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Author Comment

ID: 24023359
Since it will be grabbing a value, potentially after load since the use will most likely be changing the select box, can this still be done?  
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Expert Comment

ID: 24023464
something like this should work

var addSaleBuyerYard = function(){

var param = document.getElementById('sale_buyer_id').value;
 ColdFusion.Window.create('sale_buyer_yard_id_window', 'Add Sub-Yard', 'add_SaleBuyerYard.cfm?sale_buyer_id' + param, {center:true,height:300,width:380,closable:true,dragable:true,resizable:true,modal:true,initshow:true});

Author Comment

ID: 24023629
It worked!  One last question... I can create a new one so you can get the points if you want?

I want to do the same type of thing with a cfc...

Here is what my cfc code looks like with the javascript added... obviously I am missing some things.. Can you fill in the blanks so it would work?

Thanks for the help!
<!--- Sale Buyer Yards CFC to fill the cfselect query --->

<cffunction name="getSaleBuyerYards4cfselect" access="remote" returntype="query" output="false">

<cfset var qGetSaleBuyerYards="">

<!--- Get the current value of the parent select box to use in the query --->

var param = document.getElementById('sale_buyer_id').value;

<cfquery name="qGetSaleBuyerYards" datasource="#request.dsn#">

SELECT sale_buyer_yard_id, sale_buyer_yard

FROM sale_buyer_yard

WHERE sale_buyer_id = param

ORDER BY sale_buyer_yard


<cfreturn qGetSaleBuyerYards />


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Author Comment

ID: 24023640

I created this similar question earlier... just add a comment and I will award the points since you answered it here.

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