how do I stop a single client on 2003 from synchronizing

How do I stop a single client from synchronizing witht he domin. on the domain I have folder rederiction.
I have to because everyone is so stupid they do not understand saving to the server.
but I have one client that I do not want to synchronize
please help me
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explorer648Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Here is the answe I had to find it on my own
1) log on to the machine as a Domain Admin
2) open the control panel
3) click on folder options
4) click on the tab for offline files
5) uncheck the top box that specifies the synchronizion of files
6) enjoy the sucess of a good engineer helping you out
Bird DogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
put that client into it's own ou and don't link your policy to that ou
explorer648Author Commented:
no I need it in the OU i just ddo not want it to synch
that was not a good answer by the way
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