Browser Based App over Citrix??

Hey guys -
OK -
Im in NY and our head office is in London.  We use a trade input system over citrix as its far quicker than using a normal web page.  The server is in London.  

The traders can input all data fine using both methods.

The traders use the TAB key to jump between fields.  On the citrix version when the tab key reaches a drop down box it clears the field and opens the whole menu.  

On the non citrix session it just highlights the field

Ive hunted high and low - where could i change the setting for this?  

Ive even logged onto the citrix box and opened the intenet (not via a citix sesson just RPD) and it works fine.  

It seems to be the way Citrix is seeing the internet.  For and FYI we have 2 CTX boxes,  and both are the same.  
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Sounds like a client based passthough issue, are you running the latest Citrix Client as well as the latest hotfixes on the server (at least the latest Hotfix Rollup for your version)?
cheynecapitalAuthor Commented:
thanks pfcjoker - no we are not.  Ill try this and get back to you.  On what logic do you assume pass through?  Thanks Clint -
It sounds like the key's being pressed on the local workstation are not being passed though to the remote server. This usually points to an issue with the client itself - but occasionally can be a result of a server side issue.
cheynecapitalAuthor Commented:
Yes it was the version of local client, went to Citrix site and updated to latest zenapp.  - Ill give you the points.  
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