How to view Linksys RV042 *.exp configuration file.

I have a linksys RV042 configuration file that was recently saved from a working RV042.  The router has since fried and cannot be used.  I have purchased an alternate router and need to open the same pinholes that I had in my RV042.  I do not have the port numbers written down.  Is there any way to view the configuration file that I have from the router? It is a *.exp file.

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threeiengConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have tried multiple editors with no luck.  I purchased a replacement RV042 and had it overnight shipped.
Do you have another RV042 unit with you; if yes you can open the previously backed up file, by going into System Management > Setting Backup, import.

Have you tried opening the file using notepad or some other text editor [not sure if this can be done].

Thank you.
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Have you tried to open the file in Ultraedit?
Wasn't trying to open file using router listed one of the solution! ;)
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