Enabling remote administration using group policy on workstations running windows firewall


I have enabled remote administration in domain profile in group policy, but for some reason when I run gpupdate on the wokstation. and then
"netsh firewall show service" on the wokstation I do not see the remote administration service listed. But I  do see file and print sharing there.
1. i have windows firewall running on all machines using group policy
2. file and print sharing exception is allowed using group policy on all machines. (and GP is working as any chages made to this exception are reflected on the workstation once gpupdate is run)
3. all machines run windows xp sp3

I need remote administration exception enabled as I need to use SCCM2007, but it is not showing up on the workstation.
Any help appreciated.


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MasterCheefAuthor Commented:
I resolved the question.
bluntTonyHead of ICTCommented:
Have you checked that the GPO is applying to the machine? If it is, check RSoP (RSoP) on a client machine to see if the setting has filtered through.
See this link on configure the client firewall for SCCM : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb694088.aspx. This details the ports/services that need to be allowed.
MasterCheefAuthor Commented:
MasterCheefAuthor Commented:
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