Accessing a remote subnet through a VPN and a Point to Point

I am trying to get one subnet to reach another subnet through a VPN and Point to Point.  Is this possible?

Subnet A 10.71.x.x--->CiscoRouter--->PointToPoint--->CiscoRouter---->LAN Switch/SubnetB 10.70.x.x-->CiscoASA---->VPNTunnel----CiscoASA---->Subnet C 10.72.x.x

I cannot ping or see anything from Subnet A to C and the reverse.

Subnet A has a Point to Point to the main site Subnet B.
Subnet B the main site has a cisco ASA VPN Tunnel to Subnet C which has the same ASA on its side.
Can Subnet A and C be made to see eachother?  If so how?

What do I need to do in the ASAs to allow these remote traffic through?  

Note the point to point router in the main site subnet B, goes into a LAN switch.  The router does not go directly into the ASA.  If that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help.
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you have to tell the ASA at Subnet A and Subnet C there is another IP Subnet at each location.

Subnet A
access-list 100 permit ip 10.71.x.x 10.70.x.x
access-list 100 permit ip 10.71.x.x 10.72.x.x
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